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Water: Rainwater Harvesting

Notes from the Pinehaven Community Hall Rainwater Harvesting Workshops, held February-March 2011

Written by David Brown, April 2011

A "how to" on building a (non potable)rain water collection system for the home garden Brought to you by:

You can visit the site to view how the tank is constructed. The location is 7A Forest Road, Pinehaven, Upper Hutt.

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Day 1 - build platform

Day 2 - install tank and connect up


Figure 1 Platform Height
Figure 1 Platform Height
Figure 2 Platform Structure
Figure 2 Platform Structure

Stand back and admire.


This completes the installation of a 1000ltr garden watering system. These instructional directions, diagrams, material lists and photos will get the DIY’er up and watering.

NOW wait for the next decent rain and marvel at how quickly the tank fills and how much water can actually be collected and used more efficiently thus taking a load off the existing infrastructure. Its simple, efficient and feels good. Have fun and GO DO IT.

Written by David Brown, April 2011

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