Bottle Tops

Table updated Jan 2016

This project is kinda inspired by

On the 1st Jan 2008 I started throwing bottle tops into a bag. Whenever we finish a bottle of milk or whatever, we wash it, throw the bottle into the recycling bin and its top goes into the bag. [Factoid: 1L milk creates 1kg of CO2]

This is a trivial/silly exercise, but anyway here's the tally so far:

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I didn't keep corks from wine bottles - there weren't many. And I didn't remember to keep all the metal bottle caps.

Apart from those exceptions this is a pretty good record of the number of bottles (mostly plastic) thrown out in our recycling bin. This is for two adults and one child. It includes bottles brought in by friends that were discarded here.

We keep a few bottles (and their tops) for reuse, so they're not counted here.

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