Windows And Doors

Retrofit double glazing

  1. remove window
  2. board up window
  3. remove old glazing
  4. strip back old paint
  5. route out window frame for deeper double glazed unit
  6. paint
  7. insert bouble glazed unit into window frame
  8. seal in place with non-acidic silicon
  9. fix in place with wood beading
  10. putty any gaps
  11. paint
  12. re-hang window
  • $110 per 500 x 1000mm double glazed "unit"
  • time consuming
  • seems to work well (no condensation when compared with single plan glass)

Retrofit plastic acetate

  1. apply double sided tape to outer edge of window frame
  2. cut pastic to shape (with 10mm to spare)
  3. stick plastic on frame
  4. heat with hair dryer to form a tight surface
  5. trim excess
  • $2 to $5 per window
  • seems to work as well as a double glazed unit

Bubble wrap

  1. cut bubble wrap to size (try to fit as acurately as possible)
  2. spray glue onto bubble side of bubble wrap
  3. apply to inside of window
  • $1 per window, plus spray on glue
  • not as good as the above options so better try them

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