Fixed An LCD Monitor

13 October 2012

One of our near neighbours left a 55cm (22 inch) Viewsonic VX2235wm LCD monitor on the footpath this morning. It was drizzling at the time so the monitor was a bit wet. Chances are, it was either dead, or had some dead pixels. I was hoping it was dead... because I'd recently watched this:

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In which Dave Jones pulls open a dead LCD monitor and finds bulging electrolytic capacitors. He replaces them and that fixed the problem. See also: Capacitor plague

So - I took a punt and grabbed the monitor.

Once home I opened it up and went over it with a hair drier to remove the water.

Then I looked at the power board:

Attach:Viewsonic-VX2235wm-powerboard.jpg Δ

It's branded DELTA and dated 2006.

And - just like Dave - I found most of the electrolytic capacitors on the DC portion of the board bulging.

Attach:Viewsonic-VX2235wm-DC-capacitors.jpg Δ

In fact - all the bulging caps were CapXon brand - just like in Dave's Samsung monitors. Their were two Taicon branded caps on my board which looked fine.

Attach:CapXon-bulging-capacitor.jpg Δ

Attach:Good-cap-bad-cap.jpg Δ

For comparison; the one on the left is a salvaged Ltek cap and on the right is the CapXon.

So I followed Dave's example and replaced the caps with Low ESR caps from Jaycar, with a total price of NZ$12.

Here's the result:

Attach:Viewsonic-VX2235wm-fixed.jpg Δ

Quite a productive afternoon.

Now my only problem is my old computer can't drive the monitor at it's full 1680x1050 resolution. Still - it's better then the old 19 inch LCD monitor I had.

Cheers, Paul
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