Electric Commuter Bike

25 April 2014

I've been working 1 day a week at the EVLab (now Wellington Electric Bikes) for a while to earn myself an electric-assist bike for my 32 km round-trip commute to Wellington each day.

It's got a 300 Watt mid drive motor and 600 Amphour Lithium battery. With a good tail wind and a strong roady to wheel-suck I can top out at 40 kph along the Old Hutt Road.

I've added some grunty front and rear lights too for safer winter riding.

The 16 km one-way trip now takes me 35 minutes. It uses 0.30 kWh to recharge it after after the one way trip = so it's costing me 8.67 cents (0.30 x 28.90 cents per kWh from my power company).

Cheers, Paul


14 October 2014

The bike is going very well. I've done just over 4100 kms on it so far.

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