Bicycle Micro Camper

21 Dec 2015

I've been thinking about this project and realise that, whilst it's a neat use for discarded materials and is an extreme extrapolation of the tiny house idea... ahh... and I think it cool - almost everyone else is going to think it's extremely dorky.

8 Dec 2015

This is cool:

I'm thinking of doing something similar with:

  • aluminium box-tube framing
  • two 20 inch front bicycle wheels
  • corflute walls


  • How to do the hitch and pivot? (Ideally utilising the same system as my Bob trailer.)
  • Is duct tape the best way to "seal" the seams?
  • Are zip ties the best way to join the seams (I can't think of anything better yet.)
  • Is it worth adding a structural rib at the half-way seam?

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