Sustainable Home Expo

Sustainable Home Expo 2007

I went to the Sustainable Home Expo on 10th June 2007, in Upper Hutt, which had a hall of displays and 2 streams of talks.

Insulation: Keeping Warm

The best talk I went to was by Grant Dunford of Negawatt Ltd. Here's my notes from his talk:

  • Three main priorities healthy efficient homes are; (1) Insulation, (2) Heating, and (3) Ventilation.
  • First priority is underfloor insulation, stop damp coming up through the ground.
  • Distributed heating (or heaters) is better than a single heat pump with all the doors open.
  • Have windows open 5-10mm to remove CO2.
  • Bathroom extractor fan should run 5-7mins after switching it off.
  • The heat recovery system they sell ("CleanAir") cost $5-6K. Make sure you are pulling in fresh air from outside - not "filtered" roof air.
  • NZ homes tend to leak 10-20 times more than is needed

Action priorities are (in order):

  1. Droughts
  2. Underfloor insulation (must be refective - don't use polystyrene blocks only)
  3. Ground moister barrier
  4. Ceiling insulation
  5. Wall insulation
  6. Bath & kitchen extractor fans
  7. heat recovery ventilation
  8. distributed heating
  9. double glazing (south and maybe east side)

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