How To Make A Hair Dryer Screwdriver

How to open a hair dryer

9 Oct 2010

WARNING: Unplug (or cut off) the mains power plug before opening a hair dryer!

If you want to open a typical hair dryer for some reason, you'll need a special screwdriver to use on the special screws used to hold them together. The screw driver tip looks like this:

Attach:hair-dryer-screwdriver-tip.jpg Δ|Screwdriver tip needed to unscrew special hair dryer screws.

I haven't found any local shops that sell this item so I went to a second hand tool shop and bought a thin (about 1mm wide) file and a cheap screwdriver (about 7mm wide tip) for a total of $5. If you're lucky you may already have one or both of these items.

Attach:hair-dryer-screwdriver.jpg Δ|Screwdriver and the file I used to create a slotted/notched tip.

Then I just filed a slot in the middle of the tip of the screw driver to achieve the desired effect. I just guessed the middle of the tip and started a slot by running an edge of the file back and forward. Once started it only took 2 minutes to complete.


And also:

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