22 Feb 2008

Steve is having some teething troubles with the HERS software giving errors when he tries to certify his assessment - the software is brand new so it may have been a bit rushed to meet the governments February deadline.

Anyway he says; "your house has a 6.5 star rating [out of 10] which is exceptional considering the age of your house. That second layer of insulation in your ceiling was worth half a star."

"...the only realistic recommendations that could be made for your house were, new sealed double glazed windows (which would save you approximately $50 a year in heating costs), and replacing your heatpump with a highly efficient 6 star rated unit, which if used in conjunction with a low voltage heat transfer system would be able to save you more."

Given that the windows were my main (low priority) insulation project - it looks like I'm on the right track. It's nice to have external validation for what I've done.

13 Feb 2008

Had Steve Baker in measuring the house for a Home Energy Rating Scheme assessment. He spent half an hour measuring the interior of the house, plus windows and asked about the various insulation I have in ceiling walls and walls. He also wanted to know about the heat pump - apparently it has about a 2 Star rating, whereas the latest models are up to about 6 Star rating (and would cost several times more).

Steve is from Ecosphere and mine was the sixth rating he had done. (The final version of the official Rating software used only arrived yesterday apparently.) The Home Energy Rating Scheme started this month (Feb 2008).

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