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Aug 2009

Long list of things you can compost

November 2008

Built up a new compost heap and added urea fertilizer to it.

November 2006

No-dig garden built on driveway - planted brocholy, lettuce, zuchini with companion plants.

Vege's planted in main vege patch - brocholy, lettuce, zuchini with companion plants.

Rain barrels - 200 litres

These could be used for a small pond, rain-water collection, worm farm, growing potatoes etc.

Cheap black plastic 200 litre berrels can often be picked up from NZ Dishwasher Repair Company at 85 Nelson Street, Petone for $6 each. The barrels will either be out the front or for the asking in the workshop. Note that the barrels have contained dishwasher chemicals and will require rinsing out and are not recommended for drinking water.

Rain tanks - 1000 litres

$85 each (in 2007) direct from Pasific Wall Coverings, Porirua (ask for Gary) or via TradeMe: 1,000 Ltr Plastic Tank.

They sell a caged plastic tank on pallet. Dimensions are 1,000 x 1,200 x 1,200mm's high. Empty weight appx 50kgs including pallet. On top large screw cap appx 150mm and has 40mm tap on one side as close to bottom as is possible.

Previously holding water based wallpaper pre-paste. Drained out but do have small amount of residue resin. Can be cleaned with hose or water blaster for pristine condition.

Both times I've inquired they had at least two tanks available.

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