New Zealands 2020 Emissions Target

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Handout provided by Min Environment:

My thoughts:

  • Format for the eventing was; Nick gave 25 min Powerpoint (some charts are in the handout above), then MFAT guy talked about the negotiating details for 10m mins, then open to public comment (3 min each).
  • There were about 40 public responses of 3 minutes or less. We went past the 9:30pm time limit to about 9:50pm.
  • Nick came out strong on how govt were committed to 2 degrees [The science says to achieve 2 degrees we need 40% reduction by 2020 - tada! 40% is the inevitable conclusion of a 2% goal. They already know what the target is - they just can't work out how to do it.]
  • He does a trick where he says "if you take out agriculture then we'd need to eliminate all carbon from transport and electricity and industry in order to achieve 40% by 2020" [Of course agriculture can reduce emissions too so it's a straw man argument.]
  • He also says; there's no point in having a strong target if successive govts fail to achieve them. (Eg Labour talked tough but actually grew carbon emissions). [In order to achieve a difficult goal - you need to aim for the target, AND perform. It is true that it's much easier to achieve failure.]
  • After it became clear the vast bulk of the audience wanted 40% by 2020 he said: "my challenge to the rest of the public responders who are waiting to speak is to explain how you/we are going to achieve 40% by 2020 - because it's really hard". [One following speaker said there's a MAF report on how agriculture can save 13% and make money doing it - easy gains. Agri science is a key part of NZ's competitive advantage.]
  • The audience was about 200 (or more?) - very polite, pleading for leadership, bold action, courage

Near the end of Nicks 25 minute PowerPoint presentation he shows this slide:

He explains the first three bars before saying "Then we come to the question of what our 2020 target should be...". - that's when I held up my 40% by 2020 sign . It got a full round of applause. [Note: I was sitting near the front. My sign was double sided A4, hand coloured, with my 21 month son's hand print on it.]

Download my easy to replicate A4 colour-in template

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